аренда кальяна

Аренда кальяна

Flexible Silicone Hose with steel helix

Flexible silicone hose.

Compared with standard silicone hoses, this flexible silicone hose, manufactured with a steel wire spiral in-plant inside the reinforcement plies, has an excellent flexibility and can withstand higher pressure.

For its super flexibility, silicone flexible hose has wide applications: breathers, water hoses, heater matrix, top and bottom radiator connections, etc.

Polyester material is suitable for coolant/glycol, water, steam, oil mist and air, etc.

Note: For 51 mm plus internal diameters, they are not as flexible as the smaller diameters. It is suitable for mild angles, not for tight angles.

Remark: Silicone hoses are not compatible with oils and fuel.

Blue flexible silicone hose.

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